Good Afternoon!

Just want to give a shoutout to one of your drivers!  We overnighted (in our motorhome) at a Walmart parking lot in Lexington, VA Friday, June 28th.  Your driver pulled in behind us for the night.  He must have been waiting to pick up his load in the morning.  My husband waved to him and off we went.  
Well, he just caught up to us near Carlisle, PA and yelled hi to us out his window and wished us a safe journey.  Super nice guy!  I had just been saying to my husband what a world of hurt this country would be in without our truck drivers and their teams.  So thank you for all you do out there making this country “run”!  We appreciate you!
My husband drove truck for 12 years, my brother in law is still driving after 40 years, my sister and nephew are both truckers too.

I’m sure you don’t get many emails like this so I hope it brightens your day.  Tell your driver he brightened ours 🙂

God bless you and keep you safe!
Lisa and Craig Wood  (in the White RV and Brown Honda CR-V)

The Kivi company has come a long way since it’s beginning in 1953. There have been many ups and downs, but we have made it through the years with a lot of determination and the unwavering commitment of our employees. The year of 1995 was big for Kivi Trucking with the opening of a full running terminal and expansion into heavy haul, specialty haul, flatbed, and step-deck. Now in 2019, we are on the 3rd generation of family ownership and still running strong with no intentions of slowing down. We have three full running terminals, with plans to expand. We never imagined we would be where we are today but we could not have done this without the experience, knowledge, and commitment of our drivers and the loyalty of our customers. We continue to dedicate ourselves to the growth of the company, continuing education, and training of our drivers and excellence in the industry. 

In the month of January 2019, our Heavy Haul driver Jeff took this load from Vancouver, WA to Bloomington Minnesota. This CAT 992G Wheel Loader was loaded onto a 13 axle configuration. It was 135 feet long, 14.5 feet high, 13 feet wide, and weighed 225,000 pounds. The entire trip took almost 6 weeks to get from Washington to Minnesota. It started with around two weeks for permits and then the journey itself took place during some of the worst weather we have seen in years. Since it was the beginning of January when he started out, Jeff had to drive through record snowfalls and temperatures. He took the load up north to Seattle and then East across I-90 into Minnesota. The mountainous terrain, snow, and temps in excess of -45 degrees in the Dakotas really took some time to navigate safely. He eventually made it to Minnesota and was able to deliver the load unscathed to its destination. It’s because of drivers like Jeff that Kivi Brothers has held such good name in the trucking industry. He has many years of experience under his belt and possesses the knowledge and safety skills to make a trip like this possible. Jeff is hard working and is always dedicating himself to further learning and growing as a driver in this ever-changing industry. We want to thank you for all you do for Kivi Brothers Trucking Jeff! 

In May of 2019, our driver Roger picked up a gear ring at the Minneapolis Minnesota Airport. The ring was being sent up to the mines in Forbes, Minnesota. It was flown in from Germany on the Antonov An-124. This is one of the largest plans in the world and also one of the most unique. It has an on board overhead crane that can lift up to 66,000 lbs of cargo. The plane itself can handle a total of 330,000 lbs of weight. It has 24 wheels on it’s landing gears and some of the airports this plane frequents require pavement protection from the heat and blast affects of the An-124’s auxiliary unit. It has a massive wing span of 240 feet and a height of almost 70 feet. Sitting empty, this plane weighs 385,000 lbs and can take off fully loaded with cargo and fuel at 893,000 lbs. What an experience for our driver to get to see a plane of this size and pull right up to it to load up the cargo onto his trailer. We love when our drivers send in pictures and stories like this. 

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