Danny is a second generation racer from Deerwood, MN. He started racing go-karts at the age of 12. He has raced a Wissota Midwest Modified and currently drives the 47 Wissota Modified built by Lethal Chasis. 
Racing is a family event for the 47 team. Danny’s wife, two daughters, brother, and parents travel with to most races. Danny’s youngest daughter plans to start racing go-karts this summer.
A career highlight of Danny’s was winning the Race of Champions back to back in 2013 and 2014. He has a lifelong dream of racing a sprint car.
Racing requires a supportive team to be successful.  The 47 car and crew are thankful for the continued support of Kivi Bros. Trucking. 
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Jody Bellefeuille #11

Jody runs a dirt modified built by Mb Customs Jimmy Mars with a Vic Hill engine out of Tennessee. This will be Jody’s 16th year racing! 

Jody has been at the tracks his entire life. His father used to build engines for local racers so Jody’s love for racing started at a very young age. Jody also grew up helping brothers Danny and Timmy Mcmann with their cars. Jody’s number 11 came from Danny who was a good friend of Jody’s and who was killed in a snowmobile accident in 1996. 

Kivi Brothers is proud to sponsor Jody and we look forward to watching him race for many more years to come! You can find out more about 11 Modified – Jody Bellefeuille by going to his Facebook page at 

Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell has been racing since 2000. His biggest fans are his wife Debbie, and his three children Jessica, Michaela, and Nathan. He also has a racing crew consisting of Nathan Campbell, Andy Poll and Michaela Campbell. Jim sports the Kivi logo on the side of his car and it's a hard one to miss in the bright orange and black! We are excited to see Jim race this year and with him luck from the Kivi crew!

Kevin Burdick

My name is Kevin Burdick and I am very excited to welcome Kivi Bros Trucking as a new sponsor for the 2022 racing season. This will be my 21st season of racing. I started out in a Pure Stock from 2002 – 2008. I then ran a Super Stock from 2009 – 2021. My 2021 racing season was highlighted by 32 feature wins at 14 different tracks including the $5074 Dave Shackleton Memorial race in Menomonie and the $5000 month of money race at Cedar Lake. In 2022 I am finally getting to live out my dream and race a Late Model. I will be piloting a 2022 MB Custom with an Adam’s Automotive engine. I was first introduced to racing by my Dad and Uncle George who brought me to the races when I was younger. Racing has always been family oriented. My dad has always been there to help me work on the car when he can. I even met my wife at the race track. We used to race against each other in the Pure Stock. We started dating in 2011 and we were married in April of 2013. We have a 13 year old girl named Mikayla and a 7 year old boy named Michael. You will often see me at the race track with just my wife and kids as my pit crew. My dad Randy and Father in Law Bill Matzdorf will also help when they are able. I take pride in doing most of my own work. My biggest accomplishment in my racing career was becoming the 2019 Wissota National Super Stock Champion. I also have several invitational wins including The Red Clay Classic, The Wissota Classic, several Northern Nationals & several Labor Day Shootouts. I currently have 170 feature wins and I look forward to finding success in the Late Model division and hopefully adding many more feature wins to this count. Facebook page link:

Pat Doar #11

Pat Doar is currently running a late model. His car is hard to miss on the track with the bright red and big #11. He has been racing since 1990 and grew up with a love for anything with loud engine and speed. Ever since he was a kid, he has loved racing and started going to the tracks in his mid-20s.

Pat raced for the first time at 28 and has never looked back. We are excited to see what the season brings for him! Thanks for teaming up with Kivi Bros, Pat!

Darrell Nelson

Darrell has been racing for nearly 30 years, with most of that time spent in both a modified and a late model. Given that, Darrell arguably has more laps on regional race tracks than any racer. Darrell comes from great racing stock as his father, Billy Nelson, was a standout driver for 25 years. Darrell’s stable of cars continue to carry the MB Customs logo produced by Jimmy Mars. Darrell’s trophy case can attest to his accomplishments with multiple track championships in both the modified and late model, in addition to multiple wins in the Silver 1000, Labor Day Shootout, Legendary 100, Red Clay Classic, Punky Manor Challenge of Champions, and most recently, the Wild West Shootout in Arizona just to name a few.
Darrell is grateful for the support of Kivi Bros.Trucking and looks forward to many more wins with them. Darrell receives great support from his family, and with son Cade already ripping up area kart tracks, it may not be long before the 44 has another Nelson to continue the legacy for years to come. Visit Darrell’s Racing page at​​

Shane Howell

My name is Shane Howell. I have been given the nickname “Cowboy” and since there are definitely worse nicknames to be given, it works for me!! I have been back into racing, for 5 years, after taking a couple of decades to attempt to take over the world. I started racing at the age of 15, in an IMCA Hobby stock, taking my first laps, at the track in Arlington, MN. I got into it, because my Dad, has been a hardcore race fan and when possible, driver. We grew up in the pits of Raceway Park and Elko Speedways, back in a time, when you could send your kids to the stands, knowing that you had 9 surrogate moms, any of whom, weren’t afraid to distribute a spanking, if you had it coming! White pants were still required in the pits and pit lane still had trophy girls and no one thought that was strange… I learned sportsmanship, and what bad sportsmanship looks like. I had a place to learn what pride looks like and the cost of shame. Men taught me the value of hard work and the cost of apathy. I learned that all whom stand close to you, aren’t your friends and all those who are critical of you, aren’t your enemy. Those and the many many other life lessons I learned, left an indelible mark on me. As I wandered into life, away from the track, to find my place in the world, those lessons have been tested again and again. It became clear, that “There is No place like home” doesn’t always refer to a house. Now, in 2019, I am walking the challenging, frustrating, humbling, sublime, chaotic, validating journey, that is, the pursuit of auto racing goals, constantly trying to remind my self, “Comparison, is the enemy of happiness”. I roll weekly with “The SSG” Jessie P. She is the crew chief and chief caretaker! I am blessed to have the support at the track of Jessie, Austin (who loves his truck) and when he can make it, my dad. Accomplishments to this point are smattering of wins, top 5’s in track points, a continuous progression up, in national points and a fine for throwing down, with someone that had it coming. 2019 we are going to be running Gondik Law, Ogilvie, KRA and Granite City Speedways regular schedules and whatever specials feel right. Each person’s journey in racing is different, but in the end, racing will take everything you have. What you take from it, is up to you. I do not know where my journey in racing ends, but I do know I am blessed to have had a way to connect, with some of the finest people, the world has to offer! Special thanks to Derek Kivi and Curt Anderson, for there part in my journey!

Joel Coolidge

Rowdy Sorenson

I've been racing for three years now. My dad used to tell me all these stories of way back when he was my age racing quads on the ice in A class. I've always wanted to know what it was like to ride on ice compared to dirt so my parents gave me a chance by buying me a new set of ice tires, and my dad and I got the bike all set up for me to practice. I ended up practicing for the first time and I was very into it. I wasn't slow but I was enough to compete. Two weeks after practicing for my first time I showed up at Big Sandy, McGregor and I took first overall for C open and I also took first over all in C (14-19.) I raced every race after that and ended up getting into the top three for the rest of the year. I was racing a 2015 Honda crf250r for my first year but now I am racing a 2015 Honda crf450r. I am moving up to B class this winter which is semi-pro. My goal is to go out there again just like last winter and win every race. The best moments in ice racing I think are when you are taking off at the line for the holeshot with everyone at once and trying to get to the first corner as fast as you can before anyone else does. It's so much fun being bar to bar with someone else. Then after the races I would go back to the trailer and see my family and friends cheering me on. It's definitely the best feeling you can get knowing that you took first all year. I wouldn't have been able to do any of it with out my sponsors!
Rowdy Sorenson #112


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